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Pharmacological properties Pharmacodynamics Akriderm ® – glucocorticosteroid for outdoor use. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiekssudativnoe, vasoconstrictor, antipruritic and anti-proliferative effect.It stops the accumulation of leukocytes, release of lysosomal enzymes and pro-inflammatory mediators in the inflammation, inhibits phagocytosis, reduces vascular-tissue permeability, prevents the formation of inflammatory edema.
When applied to the surface of the skin, the drug has a rapid and dramatic effect in the inflammation, reducing the severity of objective symptoms (erythema , swelling, lihennfikatsiya) and subjective sensations (itching, irritation, pain).

When cutaneous application of the drug at therapeutic doses of transdermal absorption of the active substance in the blood is very small. The use of occlusive dressings, skin diseases and inflammation increase the transdermal absorption of jelfa omnadren 250 which can lead to increased risk of systemic side effects.

Diseases of the skin, measurable glucocorticosteroid therapy:


  • atopic dermatitis;
  • allergic contact dermatitis;
  • eczema (various forms);
  • contact dermatitis (including professional..), and other non-allergic dermatitis (including solar radiation and dermatitis);
  • reactions to insect stings;
  • psoriasis;
  • bullous dermatosis;
  • discoid lupus erythematosus;
  • lichen planus;
  • mnogomorfnaya exudative erythema;
  • itching of various etiologies.Contraindications
    : Hypersensitivity to jelfa omnadren 250 or any other components of the preparation. Tuberculosis skin, cutaneous manifestations of syphilis, bacterial, fungal, viral (varicella, herpes simplex), skin diseases, skin post-vaccination reactions, open wounds, leg sores, rosacea, vulgar dry your skin cancer, mole, atheroma, melanoma, hemangioma, xanthoma , sarcoma, lactation and children under 1 year.Precautions
    With prolonged use or application on large surfaces: cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, tuberculosis.

    Application of pregnancy and lactation
    topical glucocorticosteroids safety in pregnant women has not been established; prescription drugs in this group during the period of pregnancy is justified only if the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. During pregnancy, this group of drugs should not be used in high doses or for a long time.
    If necessary, use during lactation should stop breastfeeding.

    Dosage and administration:
    Outwardly. Akriderm ® ointment applied thinly to the affected area 2 times a day – morning and evening, gently rubbing. In areas with a dense skin (such as elbows, hands and feet) as well as the places from which the drug is easily erased, Akriderm ointment can be applied more often. The duration of treatment depends on the efficacy and tolerability, and is usually not more than 4 weeks. During the year, possibly repeated repetition of therapy.
    If clinical improvement does not occur, it is necessary to specify the diagnosis.
    In children and in patients with skin lesions treatment should not exceed 5 days.

    Side effects:
    As a rule, is poorly marked.
    For external use corticosteroids may occur: itching, burning, irritation, dryness, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, striae, aknepodobnye rash ( “steroid” acne), hypopigmentation, perioral dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis . With prolonged use, and the use of occlusive dressings -matseratsiya the skin, secondary infection, skin atrophy, local hirsutism, telangiectasia, heat rash, purpura. When applied to the vast surface of the body, mainly in children, may cause systemic side effects of corticosteroids (hyperglycemia, glucosuria, reversible suppression of adrenocortical function, a manifestation of Cushing’s syndrome Itsenko-). In case of adverse reactions not described in the instructions, you should consult your doctor .

    Acute overdose is unlikely, however, when excessive or prolonged use of the drug can be a chronic overdose accompanied by signs of hypercortisolism: Hyperglycemia, glycosuria, reversible suppression of adrenocortical function, a manifestation of the syndrome Cushing’s. Treatment: The recommended phasing out the drug and, if necessary, carrying out symptomatic treatment.

    Interaction with other drugs
    drug interactions with other drugs have been identified.

    Not recommended for prolonged outdoor use of the drug to the skin of the face, as it can develop rosacea, perioral dermatitis and acne. The course of treatment should not exceed 5 days.
    Akriderm ® ointment is not intended for use in ophthalmology. Avoid contact with the eyes of the drug. If the product enters the mucous membranes of the eyes may develop cataracts, glaucoma, fungal eye infections and exacerbation of herpes infection. For prolonged treatment, when applied at extensive skin preparation surface as well as in the armpits and groin folds when using occlusive dressings, diapers possible systemic absorption of corticosteroids. Children from 1 year old drug is prescribed only under strict indications and under medical supervision, as may develop systemic side effects associated with jelfa omnadren 250. In applying the drug over a large surface and / or under occlusive dressing may suppress the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system and the development of Cushing’s symptoms, there may be a reduction in excretion of growth hormone, increased intracranial pressure.
    In applying the ointment in children from 1 year of age and older should be limited overall the duration of treatment and eliminating activities that lead to increased resorption and absorption (warming, fixing and occlusive dressings, diapers).


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